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The Vril Society was an interwar German occultist group, whose members, a super-race of aliens called Vril-ya, sought to master a form of energy called "The Vril Force". In doing so, they intended to become one with a superior race of beings who live in a subterranean world and one day intend to claim the surface for themselves. The Vril Society is commonly associated with the Thule Society, another occultist group known for sponsoring the Nazi Party in its early years. Despite the fact that there is no concrete evidence of the Vril Society's activities or existence, its association with the occult and (indirectly) Nazism has become fertile ground for conspiracy theories of varying scope. The broader theories usually claim some or all of the following: the Vril Society was the progenitor of the Nazi Party, and Hitler, Himmler, Goring, and other prominent Nazi leaders were its members. The society continued its activities as an SS unit "Black Sun" (Schwarze Sonne), mainly dealing in the manufacture of Vril-powered UFO's and war machines with generous state backing. These UFO's were used for German space exploration and moon/Mars landings. The Society also established contact with the subterranean beings, as well as various alien races. Finally, the Vril-powered UFO's enabled prominent Nazi leaders to escape to the Arctic (and/or the moon), where they continue their machinations to this day.



Vril, The Power of the Coming Race

Vril, The Power of the Coming Race was an early science fiction novel written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a British novelist. The book is the story of a mining engineer who accidently discovers a subterranean world inhabited by superior humanoid beings, who call themselves the Vril-ya. The Vril-ya are said to be "descended from the same ancestors as the great Aryan family", and reside in underground caverns connected by tunnels, where they build their advanced, technologically-enabled utopian civilization. Their mastery of an energy source known as "Vril" (which appears to be in many ways similar to The Force from Star Wars), gives them amazing psychic powers and is the foundation of Vril-ya society. Vril can be mastered by a host through mental training, and acts as a universal constructive and destructive agent. Eventually, the Vril-ya will run out of subterranean space and invade the surface world, subjugating humanity in the process. [1]

The Vril Society

Perhaps owing to the fact that, being published in 1871, The Coming Race was one of the first examples of science fiction, many readers took it at face value, particularly in occult circles. According to Dr. Willy Ley, a rocket scientist who immigrated from Germany to the United States in 1935, the Vril Society was founded shortly before Hitler took power. They believed they could, through a system of mental excercises and gymnastics, master the power of Vril and ascend to the level of the Vril-ya. By doing so, they will join "the Lords" (the subterranean master race) that would eventually rise to claim the surface world and enslave those inferior. "They began their exercises by staring fixedly at an apple cut in half..." [2] By other accounts, which are difficult to verify due to the secretive nature of such occult groups, The Vril Society was originally "The All German Society for Metaphysics", founded by a group of female psychics.[3] Another version is that the original four members met in a Vienna cafe in 1917. [4] Unfortunately, there is no definitive evidence to prove that the Vril Society, in whatever form, did or did not exist.

The Conspiracy Theories

The Vril Society's preoccupation with transforming into a higher Aryan race, destined to rule the rest, has led to commonly being associated with the Thule Society, another occultist group interested in mythical Aryan ancestry. The Thule Society is notorious for sponsoring the early Nazi Party, although it was dissolved before Hitler came to power. This indirect link to the foundation of Nazism, as well as their search for an all-powerful energy source, with its potentially World-War-2-winning applications, has made the Vril Society a particularly attractive focus for a wide range of conspiracy theories. What follows is the general essence of the most common conspiracy theories.

The leading spiritual medium of the Vril Society was a young woman named Maria Orsic. During a meeting of the Vril Society (some say at a hunting lodge in 1919), she revealed what she claimed were telepathic messages she recieved from an alien race, specifically a civilization in the Aldebaran system. The alien race was the original ancestor of the subterranean Vril-ya and the Aryans. The messages were written in an ancient Teutonic script and ancient Sumerian. Once translated, the revelations turned out to be instructions for harnessing Vril and making Vril-powered UFO's. [5] Some authors say Vril (or some other advanced means of propulsion) was discovered independently by the society, while others say the information was obtained from excavations.

Armed with this knowledge, the Vril Society is said to have proceeded to develop its prototype UFO. Meanwhile, they spawned the National Socialist party, led by their members including Hitler, Himmler, Hess, Goring, and other prominent Nazis. Inspired by their vision of a Vril-enabled utopian Aryan world order, the NSDAP seized power in Germany. The Vril Society continued its operations as part of the SS, under the name "Black Sun" or E-IV. They were generously funded to continue their development of UFO's, and the first prototype flight was in 1934. What followed was the Haunebu series of UFO's, the mainstay of the German UFO fleet. The Haunebus reached sizes of 750 feet in diameter, and their extensive armament advanced from Panzer turrets to Vril-powered lasers that could penetrate 4 inches of armor. [6]

In 1943, Maria Orsic recieved further psychic revelations, claiming that the ancient Sumerians were a colony of the Aldebaranians, whose language is similar to German. Also, Aldebaran and the Solar System are linked by a worm-hole. The Germans proceeded to build a space-worthy UFO to establish contact with Aldebaran and, hopefully, secure military assistance for their collapsing war-machine. Other theories report that the Germans built a Vril-powered spacefaring UFO independently, and established contact with a half-dozen alien races, including our malevolent reptilian masters. [7] The German space program successfully landed on the moon in 1942-1943, followed shortly by landing on Mars.

Unfortunately for the Germans, their limited UFO fleet could not stem the tide of the Allied armies, despite exacting a devastating toll on the Anglo-American bombers appearing over Germany. With the end in sight, the enterprising Nazis escaped to self-sufficient Vril-powered colonies they had erected on the South Pole. In 1946, the US military launched Operation High Jump, the details of which are still classified, to map the Arctic coastline. According to conspiracy theorists, the task force was actually supposed to flush out the Nazi holdouts and capture their UFO technology. The Nazis, aided by their alien friends, repelled the attack. The Nazis have also established bases in South America, where UFOs are frequently sighted, as well as on other planets in our Solar System. They continue to develop Vril-powered technologies and wait for the right moment to seize the world. [8]

Operation Highjump/Paperclip

Operation Highjump (officially “The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Project Operation") commenced in August 1946 and lasted until March 1947. The operation involved approximately 4,700 men, 30 aircraft and 15 ships. The stated objectives were:

  1. Train personnel and test material in the Antarctic.
  2. Consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of Antarctica.
  3. Determine the feasibility of establishing and maintaining bases in the Antarctic.
  4. Develop techniques for establishing and maintaining air bases on the ice.
  5. Amplify existing scientific knowledge of the area.
  6. Aerial mapping of as much of Antarctica as possible, particularly the coastline.

The details of the operation have never been released into public domain, and several losses were sustained (officially due to accidents), including aircraft and other hardware. Also, the operation was abruptly recalled several months sooner than planned. These factors, in addition to the remote location of the operation, have resulted in the operation being linked to Arctic Nazi conspiracies. In particularly, the task force was allegedly sent in to conquer the Nazi holdouts operating from Antarctic bases and subsequently withdrawn after taking heavy casualties.


Maria Orsic

Unfortunately, there seems to be no reliable evidence to prove or disprove the existence of Maria Osic (AKA Maria Orsitsch). According to Nazi mystics, crypto-/pseudo-historians, and conspiracy theorists, Maria Orsic was the leading "spiritual medium" in the Vril Society and is alleged to have recieved telepathic messages from alien benefactors. These messages (translated from ancient Sumerian and German) contained information on harnessing Vril energy. Although there is no discernible substance to these allegations, these claims have been the centerpiece of the Vril Society Conspiracy. Presumably, had she existed, Maria Orsic herself is long dead.

She supposedly had long hair in a horse tail, the Vril Society believe to act as an antenna for communication. In the different theories, Maria can either speak directly to the Vril-ya or the Vril-ya speak through Maria, using her body as a puppet. [9] In some versions of the conspiracy theory, she speaks to Vril-ya (also called "Vrilerinnen") from other planets, as far as 68 light-years away. [10] Maria was also supposedly able to receive mental images and instructions for constructing a "circular flight machine" (UFO) [11]. She was not able to interpret these without the help of Sigrun.


Sigrun, another medium, is only known as "Sigrun." She is claimed to be able to interpret the Vril-ya language, and interprets the plans for the UFO that the Vril-ya send Maria . Sigrun also meets with investors to help propagate the conspiracy theory. [12]

Both Maria and Sigrun's alleged ability to communicate with the Vril-ya as mediums help build the credibility of the conspiracy theory. [13]

Vladimir Terziski

Vladimir Terziski is the President of the American Academy of Dissident Sciences. After the publication of the book Le Matin de Magiciens, which dealt with the supernatural and occultist groups, including the Vril Society, Terziski linked the Vril Society to Nazi UFOs. He claims that the moon has a breathable atmosphere, vegetation, and water, and that the Nazis landed there with their UFOs as early as 1942. Additionally, Terziski asserts that the Apollo landings were an elaborate lie, and the Nazis continue to operate from bases on the moon and the Arctic. His works include the presentations Space Programs of Secret Societies and Nazi UFOs & The Illuminati Conspiracy.

Jan Van Helsing

Jan Van Helsing is a German author who proposes a remarkably wide range of conspiracy theories, including Illuminati and Freemason hegemony, the domination of Jewish bankers, civilizations living beneath the Earth, Hitler's continuing survival, covert Nazi activities from their Antarctic bases, and Vril-powered Nazi spaceflight to alien worlds. Two of his more controversial books were banned in Germany and Switzerland. His other works include Don't touch this book! and Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century.

Robert Arndt

Robert Arndt is the author of Disc Aircraft of the Third Reich (1922-1945 and Beyond), as well as the website http://discaircraft.greyfalcon.us, which contains a veritable goldmine of alleged Nazi UFO designs, Vril-powered and otherwise. Also included is a dailed history of Nazi UFO development, Nazi collaboration with Italy and Japan, the role of the Vril Society and the Black Sun. Finally, Arndt describes continued Nazi colonization of the South Pole and South America.


The main (and most devastating) criticism of the Vril Society conspiracy theories is the fact that the entire concept is taken directly from a science fiction novel. Indeed, Vril energy and the Vril-ya subterranean master race were made up by Edward Bulwer-Lytton for no other purpose than writing his novel, and there has never been any evidence of their existence. Furthermore, geological findings that the Earth is not hollow and contains obviously uninhabitable magma beneath the other crust, appear to discredit the idea of an advanced subterranean civilization. Additionally, there is no conclusive evidence that the Vril Society itself ever existed as such. However, some proponents of Vril conspiracy theories argue that Vril is a metaphor for the form of energy known as anti-matter, which German scientists learned to harness and build their flying saucers. This, in turn, seems highly unlikely, since even today we are quite distant from harnessing anti-matter. Hypothetically, if Nazi UFOs really had been developed, they would most certainly have been widely used in battle, given their allegedly amazing flight characteristics and Hitler's tendency to throw any half-completed technology (such as the Me-262 jet, V-1 and 2 rockets, Panther and Tiger tanks) into battle as soon as possible. In turn, combat encounters with UFOs would have quickly become common knowledge. However, there were no such sightings, and what may have been mistaken for UFOs were "flying wing" prototypes Go-229 and its Allied equivalents, as well as early attempts at VTOL aircraft. Proponents of Nazis-in-Antarctica theories have cited lists of German U-Boats and personel unaccounted for. [14] However, submarine losses are often undocumented, since a submerged submarine destroyed by depth charges or mines rarely has the opportunity to communicate its situation. Also, the Germans lacked the means to convey any strategically meaningful number of personel and materiel to Antarctica, not to mention the means to sustain them and their equipment in the most inhospitable terrain on Earth for very long.


It seems that the attractiveness of Vril Society theories results from a logical missing link within the Nazi-UFO conspiracy framework. The pioneering research conducted by the Germans in the fields of aeronautics, jet propulsion, and rocketry, as well as Hitler's interest in war-ending "superweapons" to compensate for Germany's faltering economy, gave rise to fantastic ideas of Nazi UFOs and space travel. However, such claims require scientific substantiation, and this is where Vril Society comes in. The concept of a free energy source neatly explains away the obvious technological difficulties in making a spaceworthy UFO. Furthermore, the knowledge of Vril was provided by aliens, who conveniently already know how to make UFOs. Even more conveniently, the aliens are the ancestors of the Vril-ya, the subterranean master race related to Aryans which the Vril Society tried to "merge" with. This establishes the aliens as sympathetic to the Nazi cause, and portrays the Vril Society as a Nazi cell, possibly even the original. As a result, the Vril Society lends much-needed consistency to Nazi-UFO, Nazi-Alien, and Nazi-Holdouts superconspiracies. For these reasons, the Vril Society conspiracy theories have accumulated a wide following despite being based on a science fiction novel.

The strongest proof against the hollow Earth theory is gravity. Newton showed that the strength of a gravitational field is directly proportional to the mass of the object, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Given this, if the Earth was hollow the gravitational field experienced by us, keeping us on the Earth, as well as the gravitational field keeping us orbiting around the Sun (which we can observe), would be significantly different. [15]

Given the "evidence", the Vril Society conspiracy is poorly supported. The Vril-ya live off the Black Sun, similar to how Superman lives off the Earth's yellow sun, except Superman is from a comic book, and accepted to be fictional. Ironically, Lytton's The Coming Race is also supposed to be a work of fiction, so the entire conspiracy theory is based on a novel. This is analogous to seeing Watchmen (2008) in theaters and think that Manhattan has been vaporized.

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