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Reptoids, or reptilians, are an alien race from the constellation Draco, but live under the earth’s surface. The Reptoid Conspiracy's basic tenets are that these extraterrestrial reptilians that live underground (and, according to some proponents, in outer space and in other dimensions) are evil and control everything around us. They often communicate with humans, particularly the military, and are nearing total takeover through mind control. They take influential positions by either morphing their bodies into that of a humans, or by simply cloaking their own bodies to resemble that of a human. They are believed to either live beneath the surface of the Earth, or come from space. The Reptoids, the name of this species, are however also reported to be protecting humanity from beings known as gray aliens, who also wish to control the planet of Earth.



Stories of reptilians have come from many different parts of the world. Ancient Mexicans had a snake-like god named Quetzalcoatl [1]. Quetzalcoatl supposedly was part bird and part snake and brought wisdom to their people. Native Americans value reptiles like snakes and use them in important ceremonies such as the Snake Dance of the Hopi Indians [2]. The first king of Athens, Cecrops, was said to be half man and half snake [3]. In parts of Asia, they refer to some emperors and kings as being part dragon or descendents of dragons. One of the Egyptian gods, Sobek, has a head the shape of a crocodile [4].

The earliest surfacing of the reptoid conspiracy seems to have been in a news article on January 29, 1934. An article appeared in the Los Angeles times, in which Shufelt stated that he had discovered a vast network of interconnected tunnels and pure gold deposits beneath the city of Los Angeles, using radio x-ray technology. He claimed that he had used this device to take pictures of the tunnels beneath Los Angeles, but provided a hand drawn map of the tunnels. In the article, Shufelt claimed that these tunnels were proof of the existence of a race of lizard like humans that live beneath the surface of the planet. Shufelt first heard about these creatures from a man named L. Macklin, who goes by the Hopi name Little Chief Greenleaf. Macklin told Shufelt of the ancient Hopi legend of Lizard People who built a city underneath Los Angeles 5000 years ago in order to avoid any catastrophes on the earth's surface. These advanced peoples kept their history on gold tablets, seeming to validate Shufelt's findings of the pockets of gold [5]. Also, there are stories that these creatures use a Mountain named Mt. Shasta in California as an entrance to their tunnels [5] [1]. The source of the half that believe the aliens came from space is a man named Zecharia Sitchin. He believes that in the oldest creation story, the Mesopotamian Enuma Elish, evidence to believe that aliens from outer space are secretly ruling the Earth. He wrote the ancient astronomer literature [6].


G. Warren Shufelt

G. Warren Shufelt is the origin of the belief that the reptoids live beneath the surface of the Earth. Shufelt claimed to have found a city underneath Los Angeles consisting of chambers and pockets of gold. He found this using what he called a radio x-ray and delivered his findings in the form of a drawing. He also claimed that he met with an a man named L. Macklin, a Hopi Indian, who Shufelt says told a story of Lizard people who built those structures underneath what is now Los Angeles “to escape surface catastrophes some 5000 years ago”. Shufelt also attempted to dig up the gold which, according to Hopi legend, had the history of the underground Lizard People on it. Upon doing so, the shaft he dug simply filled with water [5].

Paul Bennewitz

An early proponent of the idea of extraterrestrials living underground was Paul Bennewitz, a businessman in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1979, Bennewitz claimed that he was intercepting electronic transmissions from alien spacecrafts and aliens outside of Albuquerque. Then, in the early 1980's, he claimed that he discovered an alien base in Dulce, New Mexico. The underground base theory spread rapidly from here [7].

Maurice Doreal

Around 1930, Maurice Doreal (or Dr. Doreal, as he preferred) founded the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Denver. This founding was based on an experience he had when visiting Los Angeles for a lecture he was giving in which two Atlanteans transported him to a giant cavern twelve miles underneath Mount Shasta. This caused him to develop an in-depth theory of reptilians populating the area underneath the earth's surface. His theory told of an ancient war between humans and this "Serpent Race" which had the body of a man with a snake head and scales with hypnotic powers allowing them to resemble humans when necessary. In early pamphlets he claimed that this race had been exterminated though later he claimed they were simply dormant in wait for the Antichrist [7].

Bruce Alan Walton

Bruce Alan Walton, better known as Branton, is a former Mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah who claims to be an alien abductee who has communicated with humans in inner earth when in altered states of consciousness. While acknowledging that he has no conscious memory of interactions with the nonhuman species, he claims to have intuitive memories in the form of dreams indicating involvement in a government-alien interaction scenario since he was a child. His conspiracy theory can be summarized in the following way: a cosmic, multi-species war has been going on for millennia in which huge coalitions of aliens and their human allies are an integral part. A focal point of this war is in a wide array of underground tunnels, caverns, and installations underneath the western United States which he refers to as Dreamland. Also according to his theory, the United States is all the is standing in the way of the joint team of the Illuminati and the Reptilians from taking over entirely through total mind control [7].

David Icke

David Icke started off his career as a British soccer star and then a sports announcer with the television network BBC-2. After his parting with the station, he gained popularity as the spokesperson of the British Green Party. Then in 1990 his entire life changed after seeing a psychic healer for his arthritis. The psychic healer claimed that he was there to save the world, causing Icke to visit Peru with an "enormous urge" [7]. His experience there caused him to become a lecturer and writer soon after. After writing several books on topics related to some evildoers doing evil things to control everything, some of which, he claims, are found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion [7].

Also included in his books, especially in "...And the Truth Shall Set You Free" and "The Biggest Secret", Icke discusses the idea of a pyramidal structure of the different spheres of human life (e.g. media; intelligence agencies) in which those closer to the top are those most aware of doing the bidding of the Brotherhood. At the very top of this pyramid are "the Prison Warders" -- extraterrestrial beings from the constellation Draco with the overall master the Luciferic Consciousness. These extraterrestrial reptilians appear human at first and have even crossbred with human beings creating hybrids that are controlled by their fully reptilian masters. These reptilians reside both on earth and on their native planets. In his next book "Children of the Matrix", Icke presents the idea that the reptilians work with other organizations such as the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, and the Trilateral Commission. It also presents the idea that the reptilians live in multiple dimensions [7].

While not the first proponent of this theory of reptilians being those with ultimate and overreaching control, Icke has been able to spread his ideas and popularize them with both international tours and books and by popularizing himself with the radical right [7].

His writing and beliefs are based upon the controversial literature about the “ancient astronomer”. This was written by the cuneiform translator Zecharia Sitchin. In his writing, Sitchin finds reasons to believe aliens created humanity using biotechnology. According to Icke, humanity was created by a race of reptilian aliens known as the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki created humanity to be their slaves by splicing their DNA with that of Homo Erectus. Icke believes that the Anunnaki came to Earth in order to mine monatomic gold, which is believed to be able to increase the carrying capacity of the nervous system by ten thousand times. This would then help the Anunnaki with transdimensional travel, as well as processing large amounts of information. The Anunnaki are believed to live off of the fear and the anxiety of the human race, and due to this Icke believes that throughout history the Anunnaki have performed sacrificial rituals of humans. These sacrifices would cause the humans to feel these emotions, allowing the Anunnaki to feed. Icke also believes that the Anunnaki are fourth dimensional creatures. Icke believes that it is the Anunnaki's feeding habits that is the cause of wars, black magic, sexual perversions, and the slaughtering of animals [6].

In order to control the human race, Icke believes that the Anunnaki cross bred with another alien species. Icke refers to these aliens as the Nordics, distinguishable by there blonde hair and blue eyes. The Aryans are the super-hybrids meant to control humanity for the reptoids, and are believed to maintain many of the same traits as the reptoids. Icke believes that the Aryans can change shape like the Anunnaki, and can even control some weaker human's minds. Icke believes that many of the worlds leader throughout history are descended directly from the from these reptoids, and that an inner circle of reptoids controls the world through secret organizations around the world [6].

Cathy O'Brien

One of the most famous encounters was told by Cathy O’Brien. She claims that she was a mind controlled slave of the United States government for 25 years. O’Brien says she was sexually abused by a couple presidents and her daughter was raped by George Bush. One time she was sitting in President Bush’s office and he revealed to her that he was an alien and turned into a reptile in front of her. In the 1980, O’Brien also claimed that she saw the president of Mexico transform into a reptile [8].

John Rhodes

John Rhodes, "the original CryptoHunter [9]", is recently a main proponent of the theory of the reptilians with the website He claims that he was educated in many nations across the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, England, and the United States and that this education includes herpetology, anthropology, paleontology, archeology, biology, with field work in these subjects. Rhodes believes in the Terestrial Reptoid Hypothsis. This hypothesis states that the alien sightings that humanity has seen are actually reptoid creatures that originate from Earth. Rhodes believes that there is an extraterrestrial reptilian race that lives underground, in space, and, as Icke also believes, in other dimensions. They retreated to these places long ago to escape hardship and have since evolved, with the latest reptilians being advanced in military and science, communicating with the human military and civilians, however most are "wild" and tend to shy away from humans [9]. Rhodes also has a very specific description of the reptoids' physical appearances including scaled skin and slitted eyes. In order to help prove these claims, Rhodes travels "from the ancient lands of the Aztecs, Maya and Pueblo Indians, to the Far Eastern shores of Asia and beyond, John Rhodes' treks into areas where few people dare stray from the path...where the majority of unknown animal or reptoid sightings occur [9]."

The reptilian race of creatures reportedly live in three major locations around the world: Under the surface of the Earth, off planet, and in alternate dimensions. Rhodes believes that humans have been reporting interactions with the reptoids throughout all parts of history in all countries. Many of these are similar if not the same as modern UFO sightings. Rhodes also believes that these reptoids are curious about humanity. Rhodes believes that man has yet to admit that there are many creatures they have yet to meet both on and in the Earth, and as such these creatures are referred to as aliens. Many of these creatures have been met by humanity on accident, while some seem to be seeking out humans in disguises. UFO sightings have reportedly increased around the world as time has progressed. There are no reported attacks of reptoids on humans, and though humanity and reptoids may have different brain wiring, many of the same traits exist [9][2].

The main difference between Rhodes and Icke’s beliefs lies in their beliefs of the future plans of these creatures. Rhodes believes most of these Reptoids are in fact shy and scared of human beings and that they actually have few encounters with humans. He does although, recognize that some of these Reptoids have had contact with humans and that they are in fact still in contact, but not to the extent that Icke believes to be true

Rhodes identifies many different types of reptoids, that form a hierarchy based upon physical color and appearance. However, the basic reptoid physicality appears to be beaded or scaled skin either big or small depending on the location, a large, back sloping skull with raised ridges where the eye brows would be, two slit or almond shaped eyes with either round or vertical pupils, two ears that are small holes which may or may not be covered with thin scales, a flat, broad nose with little or no bridge area, lipless mouths, muscular builds, four to six digits on each hand, and tails ranging from four feet to mere stubs at the base of their spines [10][3].

Zechairia Sitchin

Sitchin believes that in the oldest creation story, the Mesopotamian Enuma Elish, he found evidence that aliens from outer space are secretly ruling the Earth. He wrote about the ancient astronomers, astronomers from ancient times, from which he bases his beliefs [6].

Criticisms and Controversy

As far as the history of reptilians on earth is concerned, most of the stories from all around the world are legend meaning that they contain a mixture of fact and fantasy. As legends get passed down through the years, they become more and more removed from any historical roots. There are also many other legends about other part animal creatures that are gods or kings. When researching, many reptilian believer websites claimed that the Hopi Native Americans talked about snake-brothers called the Sheti, but information could not be found on any websites not dealing with the Reptoid conspiracy theory. The Sheti could be part of Hopi legend but it cannot be confirmed.

A main critic of the Reptoid Conspiracy is Brian Dunning. Dunning manages the website which essentially critiques various phenomena in pop culture. In particular with this conspiracy, he has noted the flaws in the Shufelt findings of the underground labyrinth as described later under Analysis [5].

There has also been some controversy with the proponent of the conspiracy David Icke. This controversy especially comes out of his seeming anti-Semitism and his ties with the American radical right. Other proponents such as Branton have linked the Reptoid conspiracy with the bible, specifically the serpent in Genesis. This also seems to give credence to the idea that the movement is anti-Semetic [7].


Beginning with the first instance of this conspiracy, there is much to be questioned. Shufelt's radio x-ray consisted of "a cylindrical glass case inside which a plummet attached to a copper wire [5]". This sort of machinery doesn't seem nearly advanced enough to use x-rays and to be able to get an accurate result of what lies beneath the ground. In addition, the fact that his findings were given in the format of a hand drawing seems questionable as, obviously, anyone can draw something and say it exists. In addition, indian legends are spread not through writing, but through word of mouth. It is therefore not out of the question that certain facts about this legend may have been manipulated over time. Also, regardless of manipulation, it being an Indian legend does not make it a legitimate source. It also shows that there is no physical proof of them existing (or not existing) thus proving to be an even more unreliable source.

Doreal's theory is also questionable. Aside from no proof of his Atlantean sources existing, it is also troubling that his theory abruptly changed. At first claiming that the Serpant Race was exterminated and then claiming it was dormant seems to give indication that he is simply making things up as he goes along. After all, the dormant thing sounds way cooler. However, it is not fair to say that a change in theory necessitates that his theory is wrong; it simply makes it seem somewhat more questionable. What is also interesting is that his ideas seem to mirror those of pulp fiction writers. For example, Robert E. Howard published a story called "The Shadow Kingdom" about the evil snake-men whose adversary came from Atlantis. These snake-men had the bodies of men and the heads of snakes and were able to transform to appear human. They also seemed to have been destroyed then suddenly appeared again into positions of power [7].

There is also some illegitimacy in Branton's theory. Aside from easily seeming like a fantasy novel, aspects of Branton's psyche are troubling. He claims to have emotional and psychological disabilities [7]. His entire theory is based on dreams and contact with unidentified sources. This fact also seems to make his theory illegitimate as there is no physical evidence of his findings. In addition, when one is confronted with a story that also fits his psychological problems, one defaults to the simpler answer.

When considering Icke's and Rhodes' theories related to the reptilian, especially in his multidimensional idea, there are clear signs of the classic conspiracy present. With the idea that the extraterrestrials can live in multiple dimensions, the ability to ignore answering where exactly the extraterrestrials came from is created. He is also able to easily escape evidence of the reptilians not existing by allowing them to defy the laws of nature. Also, he is able to dismiss opponents of this idea as being simply too amateur to understand his new idea, making his idea not falsifiable [7]. Additionally, Rhode's theories on his website do not seem well proved as there are no cited sources and the website is maintained by himself (making his third person introduction to himself pretty funny), meaning he can say and do whatever he wants. And, being just a website, it does not have to be cleared by a publisher or anyone else.

The creation story Sitchin used says nothing about aliens visiting the Earth. The Enuma Elish merely talks about God's fighting, procreating, killing, and creating the Earth and its people in their struggles. The Enuma Elish is on tablets, and on Tablet VI it speaks about the God Marduck creating humans from the blood and bones of a monster named Kingu to preform menial tasks for the Gods. He also creates Babylon as his home where the humans can worship him[4]. It does not say Marduck is an alien from another planet, but a God from no planet. Also, in Tablet VII it speaks of Marduck teaching the humans to never forget him and to always sing his praises[5]. This is no different from the main body of most creation stories. The Gods or God creates the Earth, creates humans either from other Gods, nothing, or Clay, and that they are to worship their creators/creator. Why does he not feel that the other creation stories are evidence for aliens visiting the Earth? Also, should humanity believe that the Earth is held on a turtle's back because the Native American's believe it is?


V is a show that recently aired on ABC. It is about extraterrestrials who have landed on Earth. These aliens assume a humanoid disguise and claim to have come in peace. However, the viewers learn shortly after that these supposed peaceful aliens are actually reptiles in disguise. At different parts in the show, they show the reptilians scaly flesh beneath the wounded human flesh that is their disguise. Their mission is to enslave all of mankind. The show itself is about a resistance group who know the true purpose of the alien visitors and their struggle.


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