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Human beings have always been fascinated by aliens, UFO’s, and other forms of extra-terrestrials. The common themes of these fascinations have always been that aliens from other planets come to Earth at certain times, abduct people and gain valid information on the human race for future takeovers. In the last three decades, a new theory, the Reptoid Conspiracy, has grasped the world’s attention. The Reptillians are a rare hybrid of lizard, alien, and human. These creatures have supposedly lived on Earth even longer than humans and have an ultimate goal of one day becoming the dominant race on Earth again. These creatures are said to live underground and possess powers of shape-shifting and mind control. According to a few “experts”, Reptillians are even said to be responsible for control of governments around the world, a majority of terrorist attacks, wars, and evil crimes.



From the very beginning, there have been rumors of lizard people, lizard gods, and lizard aliens. These creatures have been dated all the way back to mythological and biblical times. Many of the Christian supporters of this theory, speculate that these reptoids are actually the serpents mentioned in the Bible that are here to serve and carry out Satan’s work on Earth. Other theories for the origin of these creatures consist of “aliens from a planet in the constellation Draco, and that they are indigenous to the Earth and descended from the dinosaurs” (“What”) . Theorists believe that these reptoids live in several places on the Earth and on other planets as well. It is believed that they live below us in an elaborate structures of walls, tunnels, and other buildings [1] . Also theories suggest that they live on others planets as well in other “alternate vibrational states of reality, or other dimensions” [2].

This theory has become very elaborate due to the research of leading theorist David Icke. Mr. Icke has written several books in his career on the reptiod population; his books explain the plans, abilities, and actions of the reptoid population. While conducting research, Icke discovered the ability of reptoids to shape shift and use mind control. He says that the reptoids can take the identity of a human by simply drinking their blood. Reptoids are also capable of taking control of the human mind and forcing the human into slavery. According to Icke the Reptoids plan to take over the world and force all humans into forced slavery. He believes that they have already taken control of several powerful families and government officials all over the world. Icke has claimed that such people as the Bush and Clinton families, Queen Elizabeth, Tony Blair, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, are all either controlled by or are shape-shifted reptoids [3]. He believes that through this mind control the Reptoids have been behind many disasters, wars, and other evil acts.

Icke believes that former president George Bush and his family, controlled by reptoids, helped to plan and fund the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. He also believes that the reptoids were behind the Oklahoma City bombings, and they took control of the Rothschilds, a wealthy prominent jewish family, funded and “planned Hitler’s rise to power” [3]. Icke also believes that they “supported the Holocaust” and that Hitler himself was actually part of the Rothschild family [3]. Other things he claims were the work of the reptoids are events such as; “the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and the Yugoslav war in Bosnia” [3].

The main point of Icke’s ideas and understanding of the Reptoids is that they are attempting to take over the world by forming one central government that will rule over the entire world. He believes currently that the world is actually run by a secret government funded by “bankers and businessmen such as the Mayer Amschel Rothschild and John D. Rockefeller” [3].


David Icke

David Icke, a British native,is a famous writer/speaker on many controversial issues is the leading "expert" on the Reptilians. He was a professional soccer star, a BBC sports reporter, and a well known leader of the Green Party Icke. He has written many books on the Reptoid conspiracy and several others on all types of conspiracy theories. Icke claims that most of the conspiracy theories today are all connected to the Reptoid theory. He is today known as the leading source and most knowledgeable person on the Reptoid conspiracy theory [3].

G Warren Shufelt

Although Icke is the leading “official” on the conspiracy of the reptoids, there are several other influential men that have formulated their own ideas about reptoids through research and other accounts. One of these is G Warren Shufelt. Shufelt was a mining engineer in Los Angeles in the mid 20th century. He claimed to have “discovered subterranean labyrinths beneath the city of Los Angeles, including pockets of pure gold, and taken x-ray pictures of many of the chambers” [1]. He also claimed that he met with an a man named L. Macklin, a Hopi Indian, who Shufelt says told a story of Lizard people who built those structures underneath what is now Los Angeles “to escape surface catastrophes some 5000 years ago” [1]. Shufelt believed this story and began to try and unearth these cities, although he was never successful he still believes that they are there. This is important to the theory because it is the origin of the reptoids living beneath the surface of the Earth [1].

John Rhodes

Rhodes, the operator of the website Reptoids Research Center, is another major proponent of the Reptilian Conspiracy. Rhodes a self proclaimed researcher and phenomena analyst, has traveled to the origins of many ancient civilizations and claimed to have gathered much information on the Reptilians. Rhodes’ ideas are closely related to those of David Icke. but Rhodes research debatably goes into more depth. Rhodes believes these creatures, the descendants of dinosaurs, moved underground to escape the hardships of the Earth. Underneath the Earth they have developed into human-like reptiles [2]. The main difference between Rhodes and Icke’s beliefs lies in their beliefs of the future plans of these creatures. Rhodes believes most of these Reptoids are in fact shy and scared of human beings and that they actually have few encounters with humans. He does although, recognize that some of these Reptoids have had contact with humans and that they are in fact still in contact, but not to the extent that Icke believes to be true [2].


The main criticism of the Reptoid Conspiracy is the lack of evidence. In all claims made by people like David Icke, there has been no hard evidence given to prove any truth. Icke claims to know government officials who are Reptoids, but when asked to prove his bold statements or offer some relative evidence, Icke has failed to give any source of proof. When Icke has been pinned down and forced to answer these tough questions, he has, in past times, responded with answers ranging from visions and dreams, to outrageous claims of actually being some higher form of being.

Along with all the other claims of Reptoids, Shufelt’s claims, with little research, can be debunked as well. Brian Dunning, a critic and operator of the website, has done this necessary research. Dunning first researched the “x-ray device” that Shufelt claimed to have used and found; “Shufelt's device has little to do with either radio or x-rays and more to do with a common dowsing pendulum. This was all he had to guide his elaborate drawing of the catacomb layout” [1]. Dunning thus proved that Shufelt, after hearing this Hopi Legend from Macklin, had to have taken some liberties in his drawings or could have possibly just made up these tunnels. Dunning also explains he did “make a pretty thorough effort to track down any such Hopi legend, but came up empty handed” [1]. Dunning goes on to explain that in all his research he could not find any such story like the one that was told to him or was like what he claimed to have been told.

The main criticism of this theory, outside of being called pure ridiculousness, is that there is little proof. Major proponents witness some weird occurrence and because it cannot easily be explained, they fall into the trap of a conspiracy theory. Another common theme that people like David Icke use as evidence for reptillian basis is that the people, scientists, and government officials who deny the existence of these Reptoids are actually those under the control of the Reptilians. This theory is unfalsifiable, meaning that it cannot ever be proven to be false. Because this theory relies so heavily on followers believing even though they cannot see, leaders of this theory can effectively create new ideas, that as long as they follow the basic path of the theory, no one can prove them wrong. Therefore skeptics are commonly accused of being a Reptoid, because there is no way for that person to prove they are not. A skeptic can argue all they want for their case, but the accuser can ultimately argue that this person is obviously just trying to hide his true identity and followers of this theory will believe. Thus, this makes it dangerous to deny the existence of these creatures; and it shows how little evidence is needed to make a claim that will be accepted as truth.


When one attempts to analyze the theory of the Reptoids, the first thing that comes to mind is the lack of evidence for the theory. First of all, as Dunning easily proves Shufelt’s theory has no evidence and is most likely all made up. Shufelt claimed to have used an x-ray device this is not true. He actually used a very common tool to mining engineers, which in no way could have been an x-ray device and definitely could not have produced shown the results that Shufelt hand drew. Therefore Shufelt’s drawings could not have been something he actually saw [1].

Another odd thing about the little proof that Shufelt did put forth, the Hopi legend, is that when others, mainly Dunning, have attempted to find the same story, they are unable to find any Hopi legend that is actually the same as the one he claimed to have been told. In personal research, in all of the Hopi stories and legends, lizard people are never mentioned. In one belief, the evolution of men, it is believed that man at one time looked more creature-like and sometimes “crawled along the ground like lizards” [4]. Still though, there is no proof of any written Hopi legend in which lizard people built underground cities beneath Los Angeles.

David Icke and John Rhodes have no better proof than Shufelt had. These two in fact may have less hard evidence. They rely heavily on their manipulative talents. Whenever Icke is asked a tough question or is asked to produce any type of proof for Reptoids, he ignores the questions or requests. He claims that those who cannot understand are either one of two things; unable to understand because they lack the brain power, or they are in fact a Reptoid. As for Rhodes, he has free reign to do as he wishes on his website. He is the operator of the website and therefore can post whatever he pleases onto it. Neither one of these men have ever been able to offer any hard evidence for the proof of the Reptilian Race.

Overall, this theory has many holes in it. Every point that is made by one of the major proponents is easily debunked with very little research. As with many conspiracy theories, those brave souls who do step up and disagree with the theory are immediately accused of being Reptoids themselves. This occurs because there is no way for them to prove these critics wrong so in turn to ensure the existence of the theory, people like Icke began to claim that these critics are in fact Reptoids here to stop him from spreading the news about their race. The main problem with this theory is obviously the lack of credible evidence.

The Reptillians in the Media

In Penn and Teller's Showtime television show "Bullshit!" they went to a UFO convention to debunk the theory that aliens are among us. At the convention, they interview people who believe the reptillian humanoids are real. This episode is from Season 1 Episode 3.

The science fiction television series, V, deals with the reptilian race known as "Visitors" living secretly among the humans on Earth in preparation for an invasion.

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