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The Illuminati also known as the Secret Brotherhood, the shadow government, the enlightened ones, and the Annunaki are very secretive and powerful group. The Illuminati, despite being a clandestine group, has become a super-conspiracy due to how many famous and wealthy individuals are supposedly devout members of this elite group.



Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati have been active since the B.C. era 4. The main conspiracy idea behind the Illuminati is that they are a group of very influential individuals that get their position due to their bloodline. The goal of this ‘secret brotherhood’ is to enslave the human race through world domination. All wars, killing, religious crusades, famines, and diseases can supposedly be blamed and tracked back to the Illuminati. By enslaving the race, the Illuminati will have brought in the New World Order which is their name for world domination. Even though most people call it the Old World Order since it has been the motif behind the Illuminati since the creation of the group. But how is this “all powerful” group going to make their goal become reality? (you shouldn't use questions in an essay). Conspirators believe that this one world government will be issued by making the leading countries’ standard of living decrease to a level where the people of those countries must rely on the government to live. By doing so the people will be controlled by the government, meaning the population will have no choice but to follow the government’s (Illuminati) laws, and inevitably make the citizens their slaves 2.


On May 1, 1776, a man by the name of Adam Weishaupt, a professor of law at the University of Ingoldstadt in Germany, formed a society called the Bavarian Illuminati. This group consisted of highly educated men from the university, and the motif of the Illuminati was to assure that religion and government stayed out of all teachings of knowledge. This society started strong by quickly making allies with the Freemasons. The society soon had their own government called the Bavarian government [5]. But with this new government and new power were abused by the leaders and eventually the society's downfall, "Internal dissension, the scandalous lives of the leaders, and political intrigues brought about suppression at the hands of the Bavarian Government" [5]. Despite these advances and crude use of their power, the public did not approve of this society, and the Bavarian Illuminati’s growth in Germany was small [6]. On April 16, 1787, the Illuminati were forced to disband [5]. Less than two years later, the French Revolution started, which was highly supported by the US because of their own revolution, in which the French aided the US. In the midst of the bloody revolution, a group of leaders arose from the revolutionists, the Jacobins. The Americans fully supported the Jacobins and their victories, until they saw how most actions taken by the Jacobins were ruthless and anti-religious. Eventually the French Revolution fell out of favor for most Americans who knew of this fact, and some believed that the French were not the only ones behind the revolution [7].

A man named Jedediah Morse, well respected by the Federalists, claimed that the Illuminati, despite the fact that they had been extinct for two years, were the real masterminds behind the revolution [7]. Most of his ideas and mentalities of blaming Illuminati came from two books that were about the Illuminati, published by John Robison, a freemason, and a Frenchmen named Abbe Baruel [5]. But when asked if he could verify his claims, he could not [7]. Despite the false accusation by Morse, a portion of the public in America believed that the Illuminati were in fact the real leaders of the revolution. Soon after, it was believed that the Illuminati had also crossed the ocean and were starting to reside in the United States. Through these false rumors and accusations are how people believe the Illuminati still exist and their goal of overruling the government and destroying religion [7].


Of the Illuminati, there are several branches that have formed. One of them is the Christian fundamentalist group and the other is the UFO /alien branch. Both groups have a focus that the end is near, but have different reasoning behind this theory. The Christian sect parallels illuminati theories to Christian biblical events in order to prove/verify their theories. The UFO/alien group believes in an extra-terrestrial theory that involves Reptilian Humanoids that have been contacting people of Earth for years.


Fritz Springfield

Fritz Springfield, a conspiracy researcher, believes that he has found the thirteen biggest and most influential families in the Illuminati. The names of these thirteen families are: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and Van Duyn 3. The Bundy bloodline, the Freeman bloodline, and the Kennedy bloodline (see JFK Assassination and Kennedy Conspiracies) all held high government position jobs in the US, and even the position of president. The Du Pont bloodline, the Li bloodline, and the Merovingian bloodline all held leading positions around the world. The Du Ponts were connected to the Jacobins; the Lis can be traced back to one of the earliest emperors of China, Emperor Zhuanzu; and the Merovingians are connected to British Royalty. The Astor bloodline, Collin bloodline, Russell bloodline, and the Van Duyn bloodline are all accused by Springfield of being highly involved in the Satanist movement. The Astor bloodline, Onassis bloodline, and the Rockefeller bloodline (see Rockefeller Conspiracies) were all involved in maintaining the Illuminati control over drug trades, oil, the stock market, and Naval affairs. The Rothschild bloodline made their influence in Israel and after World War I controlled all railroads that lead to Palestine. These are the thirteen families of the Illuminati and how they have invaded the lives of everyone 3.

Wes Penre

Wes Penre, the author of “Secret Order of the Illuminati” on the Illuminati News website, claims many conspiracies are related because they are all a part of the Illuminati. These claims include the Illuminati’s involvement with world domination, Brainwashing, witchcraft (see Witch Scares, Satanism, UFOs (see Roswell UFO Crash, and controlling huge corporations such as: International Banking, network broadcasting channels, Drug Trades, Hollywood, Oil Businesses, and many US government jobs. Throughout his writing he shows how each of these involvements is related 2.

David Icke

Believes humans have been getting messages from alien "Illuminati-reptilians" for thousands of years. Icke is part of the UFO/alien reptilians sector, and has published books on his theories such as, believes humans have been getting messages from alien "Illuminati-reptilians" for thousands of years.believes humans have been getting messages from alien "Illuminati-reptilians" for thousands of years.The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World. In this book, he explains that humans are getting regular contact from these alien lizards and that

John Nelson

19th century preacher that discussed the end of the world. He believes that it will begin with a "rapture" where the "saved" are taken up into heaven-bodily all at once.

Other Proponents

Other proponents of the Illuminati Conspiracy such as writer Robert Anton Wilson, astronomer Richard C. Hoagland, and conspiracy writer Jim Marrs (just to mention a few), have supported the conspiracy theory in the last years. Another important proponent of the conspiracy has been John Birch Society, a radical right-wing, Americentric political advocacy group that supports limited government, anti-communism, and personal freedom.


If a group this powerful and fearful really existed, then why have they not taken over the globe? Penre and the editors of the Illuminati News website believe that it has taken so long because of travel and communication issues. This is why most cases of the Illuminati have been seen in the past few decades 2. With new technology these hindrances have been overcome, and along with the new technology came new conspiracies that are tied to the Illuminati and the group trying to complete their goal.

The media is a powerful tool that easily can sway the public. Coincidentally, the media is controlled by a few of the top broadcasting networks. Again, the editors of the Illuminati News website believe that most of these networks are run by the Illuminati 1. The music industry is another part of society that is claimed to be run by the Illuminati, especially rock and roll (see Rock and Roll Conspiracies). The significance of this is because conspirators believe that the Illuminati are trying to brainwash society with the ideas that are suggested in the music. Rock and roll is used as an example because the Illuminati are mostly Satanist, so they supposedly use rock and roll, which has a lot of dark and sinister ideas, as a way of converting people into what they believe. By putting massive amounts of money into advertising (see Subliminal Advertising) rock and roll, the “demonic” music, they are able to make their views mainstream 2.

Another conspiracy that Penre and the Illuminati News website believe that the Illuminati are connected to is that the power of the Illuminati don’t necessarily come from bloodlines and wealth, but rather from black magic and witchcraft 2. As stated before, it is believed that most of the Illuminati were Satanist. This is where the group acquired their acclaimed “super-natural powers” 1. This is how the conspiracists believe that the Illuminati control diseases and other adversities (see more examples at Manufactured Diseases, The CIA and AIDS, Food Conspiracies, and Manufactured Diseases). In their practices of worshiping Satan, they have been able to open the taboo world of witchcraft, which they have been using for centuries to spread death and despair to any who oppose them 2.

Even though the Illuminati are supposedly a super group that has huge influences on many big corporations and organizations, there is still the question on how to prove this 2. Yet again, Penre and the Illuminati News website believe that they have the answer. The conspiracists believe that the Illuminati are the ones who have set up certain governments and even hold leader positions. This is especially true for the United States, where the Illuminati decide who will be the president 1. The source of the Illuminati’s wealth comes from the group owning international banks, oil businesses, Hollywood, drug trades routes, and the music industry 2. The way the Illuminati controls the presidency is that they give their candidate the most sponsors as well as a positive media image to get the votes. This is how the Illuminati control the US’s leader 1. Conspiratorial claims have also been made that the Illuminati played a role in the sinking of the Titanic (see Titanic Sinking Conspiracy), the largest ship of its time that was ironically considered to be "unsinkable." Because the Illuminati supposedly manipulated any avenue that would lead them to world power, conspiracists have attributed this tragic incident to the evil works of this secret society. Specifically, they believe that this group (along with radical Jesuits) intentionally sank the ship by hiring a fair-weather captain and not supplying enough lifeboats. They believe this plan was instigated to eliminate some of the most wealthy and influential men of the time, in favor of establishing a Federal Reserve Bank which the men aboard the ship would have opposed. Theorists have said the inadequacies that led to the ship's sinking were far too coincidental to be left unquestioned.


The Illuminati conspiracy is not only one of the most famous conspiracies but also one of the most elaborate and changing conspiracies. The studies and research by the conspirators try to show the progress of this group throughout history, even though it has been proven that this society only existed from 1776 to 1787. Many of the conspiracy theorists of this “secret society” believe that if the Illuminati reach their goal of ultimate power, the world will be destroyed. Unfortunately with a huge conspiracy such as this with thousands of believers, many of the basic ideas about the group have become misconstrued and have become hard to believe. The followers have practically changed the foundation of the Illuminati by adding new information such as other conspiracies which eventually has lead to the Illuminati becoming a super conspiracy. So now this “secret society” isn’t only involved with world domination, but is now involved with UFOs, the JFK assassination, the spread of diseases, brainwashing through music, witchcraft, and much more 2. Despite the unreal claims about the Illuminati, its broad nature makes it attractive to many people.

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