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12th century historian Geoffrey claimed that Merlin constructed Stonehenge because of its healing ability. According to Ceoffrey, Merlin believed that giants brought these giant stones from Africa to Ireland. The king was convinced by Merlin's story and tried to bring the whole site to current location with human power, but failed. However, Merlin moved the stones to current location with his magic.



Stonehenge is located in WiltshireIt, England and is widely believe to be built around 2500 BC. Throughout the history, people did not pay close attention to it, until the 12th century historian Geoffrey suggested Merlin Theory in his book. This theory has been believed ever since. The first attempt to analyze Stonehenge was marked as 17th century. During the 18th and 19th century it became people's interest and was depicted in paintings and photographs. In 1986, the Stonehenge and its surroundings were added to the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.


  • Geoffrey of Monmouth

Geoffrey was an English historian in 12th century. He proposed Merlin theory in his best known work Historia Regum Britanniae for the first time. Over 500 years, his theory has been adopted and seen as the truth.

Criticisms and Controversy

1. Human Power Theory Another widely known Stonehenge Conspiracy theory is ancient people built these stone monument with human power. In the year 2000, there was a project to prove that it is possible to bring such a giant stone that was used in Stonehenge with human power. Volunteers pulled the stone from Pembrokeshire to Stonehenge, using the old technique that ancient people might used. However, the project failed and it is still not proven how ancient people built Stonehenge with such heavy stones.

2. Glacier Theory In 2006, geologists from Open University claimed that Stonehenge was built by glacier during the Ice Age. It is proven to be true that glaciers transfer giant stones, but how the stonehenge was built even after the stones were moved to current site is still remain as a mystery.


If Merlin really existed, and he had magical power, Geoffrey's theory might be true. However, many aspects of Stonehenge support the claim that it was built with careful measurement and craft. Even though quite a lot of part had been damaged currently, it is assumed that the site was used to form the perfect circle shape. The top stone and bottom column are assembled together with small joints, such as small protruding part of the column fitting the hole on the top stone. Also, Stonehenge is proved to used more likely as the site to practice religious rituals or study astronomy.


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