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Generally, the Reptilian Conspiracy is the belief that reptilian humanoids known as reptilians or reptoids secretly exist and have a covert agenda that targets the public uknowingly. These creatures have also been given various names such as Draconians, Saurians, and Sauroids. [1]. There are numerous views as to who these reptilians are and as to what their motives are. Due to these diverse perspectives of reptilians, people have come to believe that reptilians can be good, evil, or a mixture of both. Reptilian humanoids are beings that have existed in various cultures worldwide throughout mankind’s history ranging from East Asia to the Americas. While the origin or motive of this species varies, many reptilian conspiracies coincide in that there is a race of reptilian humanoids that secretly exist and reside on Earth.



While a somewhat recent conspiracy theory, many proponents of the reptilian conspiracy present evidence rooted deep in human history. Cultures worldwide have often used animals in their religious or cultural beliefs. Examples of reptilian humanoids in human culture include mythical figures such as Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs [2]. or the Dragon Kings of Chinese mythology, which had the ability to shape shift into the form of man. [3]. evidence that fuels the belief of a many conspiracies especially in relation to extraterrestrials. The presence of reptilians in our history specifically fuels the reptilian conspiracy. A man by the name of Zecharia Sitchin believes that mankind’s creation is the product of extraterrestrial origin. Sitchin hypothesized that aliens, the Anunnaki, arrived on Earth thousands of years ago and created a crossbreed species, the Nephilim, by crossing their genes with those of the Homo erectus species to extract and gather minerals in Africa. All of his theories are supported by his translations of Sumerian tablets as well as evidence based on his interpretation of the bible. [4]. Although Sitchin did not state that the Anunnaki were reptilian, Reptilian conspiracy proponent David Icke believes that the Anunnaki were in fact pure reptoids. Icke uses Sitchin’s theory with a twist. He states that the Anunnaki, or dragon gods, created the Nephilim, but not for the role of slave. Instead, the created Nephilim were used to rule over humans. [5]. He states that the created hybrid species are reptilian humanoids that have the ability to shape shift. As Icke "developed," he became free from the clutches of the reptilians and saw the world for what it "truly" is. He adamantly believes that it is creatures of this hybrid bloodline that are currently covertly ruling the Earth to their own malevolent agenda and manipulating humans into aiding their existence. In addition to all this, in 1933 a man by the name of G. Warren Shufelt was searching for minerals using a device he had invented. "Shufelt had designed and built a radio-directed apparatus which he claimed was able to locate gold and other precious resources at great depths." [6]. As he searched for minerals using his device, he was surprised to see that the device seemed to trace out very well organized pathways that he believed to be tunnels. These tunnels supposedly connected to numerous other tunnels in a gigantic subterranean complex. In his research of this phenomenon, Shufelt encountered a Hopi Indian named Chief Little Green Leaf who informed Shufelt of a legend about a race of "Lizard People." The digging began in 1934 and great media attention was focused on this endeavor. However, as difficulties and lack of progress became apparent, the project was abandoned. This occurrence quite possibly inspired many beliefs of reptilians today such as the Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis. Below are several accounts that explain the existence of reptilians.

Extraterrestrial Origin

This is an origin common in ufology, or the study of unidentified flying objects and anything relating to it. In the beginning, the universe was created with various races, spiritual and physical, that existed in different dimensions. One of these various races, the Carian, was given a home in the Orion Constellation. The Carians, as they were a spiritual entity, existed in a dimension separate from physical entities. Because of this, the Carians decided to take on the shape and form of creatures that flew over the planet so that they could exist in the third dimension as physical entities. From this point, the Carian race began genetically integrating themselves with the reptiles on the planet. This genetic integration eventually became the Reptilian race. [7]. Reptilians have existed for millions of years and originate from the Alpha Draconis star system. Also known as Thuban, an Arabic word for snake, the Alpha Draconis is a star system within the constellation of Draco, which interestingly enough, is Latin for dragon. [8]. The reptilian race strives to conquer and control so that they will be superior. A major proponent of the reptilian conspiracy, David Icke, states that several thousand years ago, the reptilians arrived and mated with beings on earth that created a hybrid species for the purpose of controlling the inhabitants of Earth. [9]. It is this special bloodline that pulls the strings. Many high ranking officials, such as George W. Bush, are allegedly reptilians that seek to manipulate humans to their own ends. For example, one of Icke's beliefs is... “The Reptilians and other manipulating entities exist just outside the frequency range of our physical senses. Their own physical form has been broken down and they can no longer reproduce. Thus they have sought to infiltrate human form and so use that to exist and control in this dimension.” [10].

Native Origin

Reptilians were not of extraterrestrial origin, but instead have their origin on Earth. This has been presented by John Rhodes, a proponent of the Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis. [11]. “The Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis further contends that the ancestors of the reptoids (and possibly other life forms) retreated into underground caverns during environmental cataclysms long ago and there they continued to thrive and evolve into the sentient beings they appear to be today.” This theory states that reptilians, or reptoids, are the descendents of dinosaurs and the product of their evolution. However, this origin differs from the extraterrestrial origin in that the reptilians of native origin are not necessarily evil in nature. It has been stated that reptilians, while physically different, psychologically resemble human beings.

Native/Extraterrestrial Origin

Reptilians evolved on two separate planets: Earth and Draconis. The reptilians that evolved on Earth were “good” reptilians compared to the “evil” reptilians of Draconis. The reptilians on both planets developed and soon the reptilians of Draconis noticed the reptilians of Earth were becoming technologically advanced. To ensure that the Earthly reptilians would never pose a threat to them, the Draconian reptilians invaded Earth and massacred the Earthly reptilians. The result of this mass invasion eventually reduced many reptilians of Earth to present day reptiles such as turtles or alligators. However, not all Earthly reptilians were eliminated. Many Earthly reptilians continue to survive underground in hopes that one day they can rebuild. [12].

Pop Culture


V is a television show that originally aired October 26th, 1984. There is currently a remake of V that recently aired on ABC. [13]. V tells the tale of extraterrestrials who have landed on Earth. These aliens assume a humanoid appearance and claim to come in peace. However, the viewers shortly learn that these supposedly peaceful aliens are in fact a race of reptilian humanoids in disguise. Their mission is to enslave all of mankind. The show follows a resistance group that knows the true villainous purpose of the alien visitors and relays the groups struggles against the sinister alien invaders. [14]. The show popularized the notion of reptilian humanoids and led many to believe in such a possibility.


David Icke

One of the major contributors to the Reptilian Conspiracy theory is British author, David Icke. However, Icke was not always a strong proponent of a reptilian conspiracy. He was at one point a football player, but could not continue due to injury. Icke then moved on and became a sports announcer for the BBC. After his time with the BBC, he became a spokesman for the Green Party. Icke began looking into new age healers/philosophies to heal his arthritis. A psychic healer that Icke went to told him that a powerful spirit was attempting to pass messages to him. The spirit stated that the destiny of David Icke to become a famous healer of the Earth, but will face enormous opposition. As Icke began to "awaken" after various spiritual experiences, he realized that becoming a politician was not his calling and resigned from the party. [15]. However, it is also possible that the party expelled Icke as they did not want to be associated with his conspiracy.[10] David Icke states that reptilians are evil creatures that feed off of negative emotions, or negative energy and therefore put themselves in high positions to influence and cause events which produce their sustenance. [5] Icke has written seventeen books regarding reptilians and their sinister agenda and he continues to be one of the leading proponents of the reptilian conspiracy. [16].

John Rhodes

John Rhodes has been a long time believer and proponent of the existence of reptilians, not necessarily a proponent of a reptilian conspiracy. Rhodes researches through history as well as following up on eye witness accounts. He was educated at institutions around the world including locations such as Malaysia, Singapore, England, and United States. While in Asia, Rhodes’ interest in the area’s reptile population eventually lead to a passion for subject matter in fields such as anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, and biology. [17]. In his studies of unknown creatures, he came across reptilians as reptilian humanoids were prevalent in many cultures. Contrary to Icke’s belief, John Rhodes states that reptilians are simply trying to exist apart from man. However, while physically different, Rhode’s reptilians display similar psychological signs to those of humans, so there can be “evil” reptilians. [1] Rhodes believes that there are some evil reptilians that work with various government offices performing unspeakable experiments at locations such as the U.S. government base in Dulce, New Mexico. [18]. Rhodes continues to research and search for the truth behind these creatures.

G. Warren Shufelt

Shufelt was a mining engineer who attracted public attention during 1933 and 1934 as he searched for minerals beneath Los Angeles. What made his search widely known was his assertion that his device, a machine that allowed him to search for minerals, created a map of tunnels underneath L.A. These tunnels were supposedly home to a race of Lizard People that had escaped underground from natural catastrophe on the surface. [19]. Even afterwards, staunch believers say that the underground mineral system was somehow concealed, removed, or temporarily misplaced, beliefs which continue to emptily justify their assertions.


A covert reptilian agenda is a subject of much debate. The idea that our governments are secretly being run and controlled by quasi reptilian creatures is difficult to accept. Brian Dunning of "" frequently writes articles discussing and debunking various conspiracies as well as other pseudo scientific claims. In an article regarding reptilians, Dunning points out that Icke's statements are easily falsified with minimal evidence as well as simply using common sense. He uses an excerpt from Icke's book The Biggest Secret as an example of exactly how ludicrous Icke's claims are. "Then there are the experiences of Cathy O'Brien, the mind controlled slave of the United States government for more than 25 years... She was sexually abused as a child and as an adult by a stream of famous people named in her book. Among them were the US Presidents, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and, most appallingly, George Bush, a major player in the Brotherhood, as my books and others have long exposed. It was Bush, a pedophile and serial killer, who regularly abused and raped Cathy's daughter, Kelly O'Brien, as a toddler before her mother's courageous exposure of these staggering events forced the authorities to remove Kelly from the mind control program known as Project Monarch." [20]. Another website, "," also has an article regarding reptilians. Part of the article discusses the controversy that arose when David Icke was accused of antisemitism when Icke stated that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were written by reptilians. However, Icke reemphasized that he truly and quite seriously meant reptilians. [10] Criticisms such as these represent what many think about the possibility of a reptilian conspiracy. Although these articles were directed towards Icke's theories, the rejection of blood drinking lizard men is not rare. Proponents of the existence of reptilians will simply reject all criticism of their beliefs in assumption that such criticisms are generated to deflect people away from their crusade for truth.


Individuals take various bits and pieces of history and rumors and compose their beliefs and conspiracies. This is no different in the case of the reptilian conspiracy. Proponents of a reptilian conspiracy present vast amounts of evidence that “proves” such a species does exist. However, the actual theory behind reptilians differs from individual to individual. An example of this is that while David Icke believes reptilians can shape shift, John Rhodes does not, and instead requests empirical evidence. [21]. This clash of views casts an enormous shadow of doubt as to the integrity of the existence of reptilians. Also much evidence is not credible as first person accounts are generally completely unsubstantiated with no physical evidence and questionable eye witnesses. The physical evidence that is present however is also invalid. For example, the translations of Sumerian tablets by Zecharia Sitichin have been proven to be incorrect. [22]. This in itself can discredit numerous conspiracies that have evolved from Sitchin’s research including the reptilian conspiracy. For true believers of the reptilian conspiracy, all evidence or lack of evidence that debunks this conspiracy is simply false evidence that originated from reptilian humanoids or agents of these covert manipulators to sidetrack humans from the truth.

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