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The GaTech Conspiracy Wiki is a resource written and maintained by the students of English 1102, "Witches, Communists and Aliens: Conspiracy in American Culture." It is a venue in which students will explore the major conspiracy theories of the Twentieth Century.

The beauty of the Wiki format is that students will have maximum flexibility to explore topics that are of interest to them, so much so that they will craft the very form of the class project. Within limits.

The GaTech Conspiracy Wiki takes as its most basic organizing principle Michael Barkun's classification of conspiracy theories, which he outlined in A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America (2003):


Topics in Conspiracy

Pages in Progress/Available Topics

Assignments, Etc.

Each class will assume primary responsibility for maintaining one section of the wiki. Event Conspiracies will be maintained by Section C1 (8:05). Section A3 (9:05) is responsible for Systemic Conspiracies. Section B4 (11:05) will be responsible for Superconspiracies.

Writing Assignments/Tasks will be updated regularly, so check them. Grading Criteria for Wiki users are now available. A Wiki Cheat Sheet is available for all students who have basic formatting questions.

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