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Kurt Cobain was the lead singer for the Seattle based grunge band Nirvana. His body was discovered dead on April 8th, 1994, in the greenhouse room of his Lake Washington Blvd home in Seattle. The official report states that Cobain died due to a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head on April 5th, 1994. Conspirators do not believe this explanation and view Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, and his male nanny, Michael DeWitt, as the murderers.



Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Nirvana. The band gained stardom after the album release of Nevermind (1991) and its hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The new sound that the band produced represented “Generation X” and Cobain was the spokesman. However, Cobain often struggled with the fame, believing the bands message was misinterpreted by the public. His depression lead to drug addictions and personal problems, resulting in his hospitalization due to an accidental overdose in Rome in March of 1994.

Following his overdose, Cobain checked into a rehab facility, his wife Courtney Love went to rest in California, and the male house nanny Michael DeWitt stayed in the couple’s Lake Washington Blvd. home watching Frances, the baby daughter. It was confirmed that Cobain spoke with DeWitt early on April 2nd, 1994, just days after leaving his rehab. By April 4th, 1994, a missing person report was filed for Cobain.

Cobain’s body was not discovered until April 8th, 1994, in a small room above the garage referred to as the “greenhouse room.” The police almost immediately came to the conclusion that Cobain had committed suicide due to the suicide note found and Courtney’s previous statements that Cobain was suicidal. However, conspirators do not believe this explanation. They often point at Cobain’s denials of being suicidal, Courtney Love’s and Michael DeWitt’s strange behavior around Cobain’s death, and the large amount of heroin found in Cobain’s bloodstream at the time of death to assert that Cobain was murdered.


Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington. He had a rough childhood as his parents divorced when he was eight years old and he was often bullied at school. However, his life shot to stardom was when his band released the album Nevermind and the hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991. Cobain had trouble dealing with the new found fame, becoming a heroin addict and developing personal problems. On April 8th, 1994, Cobain was found dead in the greenhouse room of his home in what was officially ruled a suicide by shotgun wound to the head. This has been the subject of much debate for conspirators.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain on February 24th, 1992. The couple’s marriage was unstable and seemed to be heading towards divorce around the time of Cobain’s death. Throughout the marriage, Courtney mentioned to the media that Kurt was suicidal, which was refuted by Cobain and his close friends.

Michael DeWitt

Michael DeWitt was a long time friend of Courtney Love’s who became a male nanny for the couple’s daughter Frances. Michael lived in the couple's home on Lake Washington Blvd and traveled with the couple. He is one of the main suspects who could have murdered Cobain from a conspirator's point of view.

Dylan Carlson

Carlson was Kurt Cobain’s best friend who often insisted Cobain was not suicidal. Carlson purchased a shotgun for Cobain on Cobain’s behalf which was found across his body when he was discovered dead. Carlson stated that Cobain asked for a shotgun because it would make him feel safer at home from intruders. Carlson also stated that he would not have bought the shotgun if he thought Cobain was suicidal.

Tom Grant

Tom Grant was a private investigator who was hired by Courtney Love to track Cobain’s credit card. After Cobain’s death, Tom came to the conclusion that Cobain was murdered through witness testimony and Courtney’s alleged strange behavior.


Roger Lewis

Lewis wrote the report "Dead Men Don’t Pull Triggers: Observations on the Death of Kurt Cobain", which comes to the conclusion that Cobain could not have committed suicide. The report focuses mostly on deaths specifically involving blood morphine levels of heroin related overdoses, as Cobain had a large amount in his system. The scientific facts of the report point to a series of events which probably included a massive dose of heroin administered to Cobain, killing him before the gunshot wound.

Tom Grant

Tom Grant was a private investigator who came to the conclusion that Cobain was murdered. His main argument came from Courtney Love’s strange behavior during the process. Tom also claims that Courtney did not seem upset when he talked to her following the discovery of Cobain’s body.

Kurt and Courtney

Kurt and Courtney was a 1998 documentary film by Nick Broomfield which examined the conspiracy claims in Kurt Cobain’s death. The film notes that while there are discrepancies in the evidence, there is not enough evidence to prove Cobain was murdered.

Ian Halperin

Ian Halperin is a Canadian investigative journalist who coauthored Who Killed Kurt Cobain? and Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain. The second book, Love and Death, was actually based on 30 hours of taped conversations between Courtney Love and Tom Grant.


Background - Kurt had an accidental overdose in Rome during a 1994 tour in March. Kurt began attending rehab and Courtney flew to California to rest over the ordeal.

  • April 1st, 1994 – Kurt leaves the rehab center around 7p.m. and a friend describes him as looking “great.”
  • April 2nd,1994 – Kurt arrives early in the morning at his Lake Washington Blvd home where he met and spoke with Michael DeWitt.
  • At 7:30a.m. a driver for Gray Top Taxi picked up a man from the Lake Washington Blvd address. This is what the driver told the Seattle police on April 19th 1994:
  • "The driver picked up a person who he thought did not match with the residence. He drove around looking for a place to buy bullets, but was unable to find one. This male told the driver that he recently been burgled and needed bullets. At 8.30am the driver dropped the man off…”
  • April 3rd, 1994 – Courtney mentions how she was not getting along with Kurt and thought a divorce was possible. She was also mad that he chose not to perform at Lollapalooza, a several million dollar event.
  • April 4th, 1994 – Courtney files a missing person report for Kurt under the name Wendy O’Conner, Kurt’s mother. On the report, she does not mention that DeWitt spoke with Kurt at their home back on the 2nd.
  • April 6th, 1994 – Courtney arranged for electrical contractors to start working on security instillation at their Lake Washington Blvd home. She specifically instructed them not to miss the greenhouse room, a space above the garage. Michael DeWitt was seen walking in and out with the contractors.
  • April 7th, 1994 – Carlson and Grant enter the house early in the morning to see if Kurt had been there. They did not search the greenhouse room because they were not aware it existed. On this day Michael DeWitt flies to L.A. to meet with Courtney.
  • April 8th, 1994 – Gary Smith, an electrical contractor, finds Kurt’s body in the greenroom at 8: 56 am. By mid morning the Seattle police concluded that Kurt had committed suicide. The time of death is traced back to April 5th, with a margin of error at 24 hours.

Evidence for Conspiracy

Heroin in Cobain’s Body

When Kurt Cobain’s body was found, puncture marks were found on both his arms. Forensic tests then concluded that Cobain had over three times the amount of lethal heroin in his blood stream at his time of death. Conspirators claim, that amount of heroin should have killed Cobain instantly and he would not have been able to self inflict a gunshot wound. This was backed up by chemist Roger Lewis in his paper “Dead Men Don’t Pull Triggers,” which concludes Cobain should have been dead from the heroin. The paper also states that drug related "suicides" are often a staged cover up for a murder. Additionally, if he was suicidal and injected himself with enough drugs to overdose, why then would he shoot himself instead of just letting the drugs take effect?


There were never any fingerprints recovered at the scene including on: the shotgun fired, Cobain’s suicide note, and the pen. Conspirators claim that the only way this could have happened was if the scene was wiped clean after Cobain’s death. To them, this proves that Cobain was not alone in the greenroom and had to have been murdered.

Courtney Love’s Behavior

Courtney Love’s behavior around the time of Cobain’s death has always been puzzling to conspirators. Leading up to the event, Courtney tried to establish that Cobain was suicidal. For example, after Cobain overdosed in Rome, Courtney stated that Cobain had an attempted suicide. This was refuted by doctors and Cobain himself. After the event, Courtney told the media that Cobain was suicidal, which was refuted again by Cobain again and his friends.

During the week that Cobain was missing, Courtney chose to stay in California and not fly back to the Seattle home citing “business matters.” This is puzzling to conspirators because she would not want to be with her proclaimed “suicidal” husband. Additionally, close friends of Courtney’s stated that she did not have any business in California and it was her attempt to be away from the crime scene.

Kurt Cobain was not Suicidal

Leading up to his death, Kurt Cobain had no signs of being suicidal. Cobain had made plans to fish with his grandfather, tour with his favorite band, and work on music with R.E.M. These actions are not consistent with someone who was going to commit suicide from a conspiracist perspective. Additionally, Cobain was in a drug rehabilitation center days before his death where none of the doctors considered him suicidal. To conspirators, Cobain was not planning suicide.

The Shotgun

Many believe the shotgun used to kill Cobain was in fact purchased for protection. The gun was purchased before Cobain entered rehab not after as reported. The gun was purchased and loaded with 3 shells for protection not suicide.

The "Suicide Note"

The note found at the scene was immediately labeled as a suicide note by the police. It is believed the note is to his wife and daughter explaining why he killed himself. However, the note is mostly written to his fans explaining he was quitting the music business. Only a few lines at the end of the note were actually written to his wife. Furthermore, the handwriting of the note is still questioned by several handwriting experts. There were also no recovered fingerprints on the note or the pen supposedly used to write the note. This points to someone wiping them down after a murder.

In addition to the actual note found at the scene, there was a second note in Courtney Love's possession. No one knew about the note until several months later when she let it slip in an interview she had a second note. The second note clearly defines the first note and states that Cobain was leaving Courtney Love and leaving Seattle.

Cobain's Credit Card

One of Cobain's credit cards were missing when his body was discovered. Someone was attempting to use the credit card but the attempts stopped after the body was found.


The evidence used by conspirators is mostly circumstantial, which loses credibility when viewed from a non-biased perspective. However, there are certain details which cannot be fully explained, leaving the case up for debate. If anything, we can definitely identify this suicide as a natural product of its surrounding details and events - Kurt was influenced by the media on his personal introversion. He was, on many accounts, not "cut out" for the role he assumed.

Cobain's Death in the Media

Cobain was one of the many targeted on the popular cartoon "Family Guy" Cobain was again mocked in the second episode of the "Family Guy" spin-off "The Cleveland Show"

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