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Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970) was an iconic American guitarist and songwriter who is often regarded as the best guitarist of all time. At the age of 27, Hendrix passed away due to an accidental overdose which caused him to choke on his own vomit. There is suspicion around the circumstances of his death and it is said that Hendrix was allegedly murdered.



Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 as Johnny Allen Hendrix however, as soon as his mother abandoned their family, his father renamed him James Marshal, but he was fondly called Jimmy by his family. Around the age of 5, Jimi Hendrix really got into music after constantly listening to his father's blues and R&N records. So, at this time, his father bought him a small guitar. Since Hendrix had no knowledge regarding reading music, he learned by ear. He was able to quickly pick up on various songs played on the radio. Growing up, Hendrix played in a variety of local bands but he joined the army in 1961. However, by 1962, he left the army and decided to pursue a career as a guitarist. He played with a variety of individuals all over the United States, but in 1966 Chas Chandler (former bassist of The Animals) invited Hendrix to London. There, along with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, the Jimi Hendrix Experience was established. They grew to popularity very quickly in London. Due to their imminent success, they decided to amplify the fan base in the United States as well. In 1968, the band disbanded and Hendrix put together another band, Band of Gypsys. They were to tour in September of 1970 but one of their players fell ill so they did not. It was during this time that Hendrix returned to London and stayed with his girlfriend, Monika Dannemann. It was after this that Jimi Hendrix fell to his demise.


The Event

On September 17th, 1970, Jimi Hendrix and his girlfriend Monika Dannemann arrived at the Samarkand hotel around 8: 30 p.m. The two shared a meal and talked until 1: 40 a.m. Jimi then stepped out to see several of his friends and came back around 3:00 a.m. Monika made him another meal and the stayed up until 7: 00 a.m. At this time, Monika took a sleeping pill and fell asleep while Jimi stayed awake.

While Monika was sleeping, Jimi took at least eight to nine of the tablets that Monika took. These were very strong German prescription drugs that Jimi was not familiar with, as the recommended dose is only one pill. When Monika woke up around 10: 20 a.m., she noticed vomit on Jimi’s nose and mouth, and could not wake him up. Monika claimed to have called an ambulance which arrived around 11:30 a.m. and took Jimi, along with her, to the hospital. According to Monika, Jimi suffocated to death on his vomit during the trip to the hospital. However, the paramedics who attended to Jimi on that day had a different story. They claimed that there was nobody present other than Jimi in the hotel room when they arrived, and that he had been dead for some time.

Jimi Hendrix was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. It was noted that the was a large amount of Seconal, the pills that Jimi took, in Jimi's blood. The cause of death noted on the report was inhalation of vomit after barbiturate intoxication.

Monika Dannemann

Monika Dannemann was a German figure skater born who was born on June 24, 1945. She met Jimi Hendrix at one of his concerts and from there the relationship between the two of them blossomed and they eventually began dating. In September of 1970, Jimi Hendrix came to London after one of his tours was held up due to one of the band members falling ill. At this time Jimi Hendrix stayed with Monika in a hotel. Monika, after Hendrix's death, ended up writing a biography about Hendrix and his death, titled "The Inner World of Jimi Hendrix."

Mikel Jeffery

Mikel Jeffery was a popular business manager in the 1960s. He is well-known for managing the British band, The Animals, as well as Jimi Hendrix. There have been several claims against him regarding both Jimi Hendrix as well as The Animals. He has been blamed for separating The Animals and causing for them to disband. Furthermore, he has also been accused of stealing money from the band and having said money shipped off to offshore bank accounts. These same rumors were also tied into Jefferey's relationship with Jimi Hendrix. In fact, it's rumored that Jeffery once said that Hendrix was more useful to him dead than alive. Mikel Jeffery was the beneficiary to two million dollars from Hendrix.

Evidence for Conspiracy

  • There was no reason for suicidal behavior on Hendrix's part. His recording studio Electric Ladyland just opened, he had ambitious plans for a double album (which was in full progress), and he scheduled historic recording date with Miles Davis within days.
  • Hendrix's manager Mikel Jeffery was known to be connected with the mafia as well as FBI. It was believed that Hendrix did not get along with him and was going to fire him due to the cloudy personal life Mikel had. However, if Hendrix died Mikel would be the beneficiary of Hendrix's life insurance for $2 million. Additionally, Mikel told a friend that Jimi was more profitable to him dead than alive. This would give Mikel a motive to kill Jimi.
  • The autopsy showed huge quantities of wine in Hendrix's respiratory and digestive systems with no corresponding level of alcohol in his blood stream, indicating drowning by force in wine (waterboarding). This is perfectly perfectly consistent with the details of Mike Jeffery's confession to Hendrix roadie James Wright revealed in his book "Rock Roadie."
  • Dannemann claimed that Hendrix suffocated in his own vomit enroute to the hospital.
  • Eric Burdon claimed that Hendrix's death was a suicide.
  • Further evidence has now come out about Hendrix’s death. A former Hendrix roadie by the name of James Wright claims to have heard Hendrix’s manager, Michael Jeffrey, admit to killing Hendrix. Wright claims to have heard Jeffrey admit it to him during a drunken conversation two years before Jeffrey was killed in a plane crash. The manager apparently became enraged when he found that he was about to be fired by Jimi Hendrix and he went to his room and “stuffed him with drugs and alcohol in revenge” (JohnJohn said it).
    Another piece of evidence that supports the conspiracy of Hendrix’s death being a murder is the fact that Michael Jeffrey took out a life insurance policy before Hendrix’s death that was estimated to be worth around $2 million and Jeffrey was the recipient of this policy.

All of this evidence was written by the roadie and longtime friend of both Hendrix and Jeffrey, James Wright. He claims to have done research on the insurance policy and also claims to have quotes from a drunken conversation explaining the whole night and the murder of Hendrix by his manager.


There have been several proposed explanations regarding Jimi Hendrix's death. Of these include, accident, suicide, and murder. Most evidence points to his death being an accident or suicide, however there are also several individuals who strictly believe that Hendrix was murdered. Assuming he was murdered is projecting many more unreasonable and nonfactual assumptions.

Dannemann's Lie

Hospital attendants provide a story that is quite different from the one provided by Dannemann. Dannemann claims that Hendrix died enroute to the hospital. She said that he suffocated in his own vomit and died before reaching the hospital. Hospital attendants said that they attempted to revive Hendrix but that failed and that an autopsy failed to produce a time of death. Furthermore, Dannemann was apparently not even at the hotel when the paramedics came to get Hendrix. He was supposedly already dead, as well.

Eric Burdon's Misinterpretation

Eric Burdon claimed that Jimi Hendrix's death was a suicide. However, that simply cannot be the case at all. All of Hendrix's friends at the time claim that despite dark circumstances in his life at the time, he was actually really happy. Also he was found with 9 sleeping pills in his system at the time of his death. However, in his pockets, was a bottle of the same sleeping pills with 42 pills inside it. Generally, if one's trying to kill themselves they will down an entire bottle of whichever drug they choose to overdose on. Seeing as Hendrix did no such thing, it's evident that he was only trying to get to sleep, since it is know that he was a pure insomniac.


It is important to realize that in the current music industry and particularly the music industry of the past, drugs were a big thing. many artists relied on drugs to bring about happiness in their lives wherein they had no other methods to do so. However, some did drugs purely for the thrill that it produced in their lives. Such being the case, it's evident that drug usage was highly prevalent. Therefore, it is really difficult to determine, for the most part, if deaths that occur among artists are accidents, suicides, or murders. They can be accidents because artists just use drugs without really knowing the effects of it. To them it's just a means of ridding pain. Clearly, the more the drug, the more the happiness, so it can be an accident when they have too much by mistake. On the otherhand, it's obvious that drugs can kill, so if it is announced that an artist has had too much of a particular drug, it's more than likely suicide. But then, there's the issue of murder. With the usage of drugs so popular amongst artists, it's easy to put the blame of death on their addiction to drugs when in fact it could have been anyone else or anything else that really killed them.

Just because there does not appear to be any reason for a person to commit suicide does not mean that if he or she dies unexpectedly that foul play must have been involved. A great number of suicides seemingly come out of nowhere. However, the most likely scenario is the "official" course of events. Hendrix most likely did die from an accidental overdose.

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