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"The idea of clobbering an enemy with a blizzard, or starving him with an artificial drought still sounds like science fiction. But so did talk of atom bombs before 1945." - Daniel S. Halacy Jr.

"People will soon discover just what notes this HAARP will play." - Tracey C. Rembert

HAARP is an isolated government-funded building that is believed to have vast powers ranging from exploding planes, to controlling the weather and mind control. The facility is only open to the public except for one day a year, leading to the belief that the public is not fully aware of all the activities at the HAARP facility. HAARP uses a unique technology that heats the ionosphere, which has led to accusations of weather manipulation.



The foundation of HAARP

HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is located in an isolated region of Alaska called Gakona [1]. Most of the patents involving the HAARP were created by the ARCO-Atlantic Richfield Companyone, an enormous oil company, and led by the patents of Bernard J. Eastlund who based his work on that of Nikola Tesla [2]. The plans for HAARP were then purchased from ARCO by the United States government and given to the Air Force Research Laboratory. [2] The construction for the project began in 1990 and was constantly refurbished until it was first usable in 1997. [1] After some finishing touches, HAARP was officially complete in 2002. [3] HAARP is used as a research facility for understanding how the ionosphere level of the earth's atmosphere works, both physically and electrically. [1] The objective of HAARP is to figure out how radio waves work in the ionosphere in order to improve the transmission of radio waves and to use ELF (extremely low frequency) waves to communicate underground or under water. The facility consists of 180 antennas that all can focus in the same direction and covers roughly 35 acres. When in use, HAARP consumes 10 million watts to reach the necessary energy levels to run the system without interfering with other radio waves. To compensate for all of the power used to run the antennas, HAARP operates independently of the local power grid to avoid interfering with the electricity of nearby houses. [1]

History of the conspiracy

In 1977, twenty nations signed the "Prohibition of Military or any other Hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques" treaty in Geneva which prevented these nations from using weather manipulating weapons in order to maintain the earth's structure. [4] The goal of this treaty was to try to slow down the arms race, but it ended up rooting the conspiracy of government controlled facilities that can manipulate weather. [4] With the suspicions already surrounding the Russian Woodpecker at this time period, some conspiracists believed that governments had the ability to manipulate weather patterns. Other conspiracists believe that this treaty was the start of investing in weather-altering technology because the researching in this field of technology was not banned, only the use of it. [5]The next wave of conspiracy revolving around what will ultimately be blamed on HAARP was the "star wars" technology that Ronald Reagan wanted to be created. Because of the fear of Russian nuclear technology in the Cold War, Reagan wanted to create a way to destroy ballistic missiles in flight and protect the country from the attack.[2] With both the weather manipulation treaty and rumored missile defense technology being talked about within 10 years of each other, the conspiracy was starting to take form. Unfortunately for conspiracists, there were no signs of any government funded project capable of changing the weather or stopping missiles in the air at the time. With a questionable acquisition of the patents for HAARP by the American government from oil companies, HAARP became the face of these conspiracies as soon as building began in 1990. [2] From the moment HAARP hit the airwaves, scientists and citizens have been curious on as to what its maximum potential is. Despite the fact that the government says all information is available to the public, the secretive style of business HAARP operates under has caused the conspiracy theory to continue . Since the start it's construction, HAARP had been accused of changing weather patterns and even causing the tsunami that devastated some countries in the pacific; however, the biggest alleged attack on HAARP was that HAARP caused Hurricane Katrina. [6] Not only was one of the biggest natural disasters in United States history supposedly man-made, but created by the United State's government. According to conspiracists, the US government attacking its own people can be explained by going back to the treaty signed in 1977. Not being able to test out the potential of HAARP on other countries because of the treaty caused the United States to test it domestically, which supposedly resulted in Hurricane Katrina. [7] In the news recently, HAARP has been accused of causing the earthquake in Haiti that killed over 100,000 people. This accusation has even been made by Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, which shows how far the conspiracy about HAARP has traveled. [8]

Mind control theories began in the 1960s during the height of psychological advancements in understanding how the human brain works. Since then, scientists have been able to show that the human body can perceive sound waves without actually having to hear them, basically absorbing the sound into their body. [7] HAARP is believed to do send out these absorb-able sound waves "by creating and directing balls of energy at lightning speeds, it could be possible to manipulate the minds of people by altering the electrical energy already present in their brains."[2] The strategy behind mind control is that the Air Force can use it to calm down heavy riots or stop terrorist attacks without having to be near the incident. In Bernard Eastlund's patent that set the framework for HAARP, he theorized the possibility that the facility could act "as a barrier to or confusing factor for hostile missiles or airplanes." [9] After theorizing on this possibility, he also mentions that from that technology, missile and plane destruction could be easily derived. [9] Because of the heavy influences from this patent, conspiracists believe that HAARP has the capability to shoot down planes or missiles without leaving a trace.[7] Before World War II, Nikola Tesla presented the idea of a death ray to the government. Since HAARP has such a strong foundation on the patents of Tesla, people believe that HAARP is the death ray proposed by Tesla. [7]


There are two main outspoken and published believers in the HAARP conspiracy. The first is Dr. Nick Begich. Begich released his book Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology in 1995, claiming that HAARP uses Tesla's ideas to create the ultimate death ray that can cause and end wars without anyone knowing about it.[10] Begich is not only a believer that HAARP can manipulate weather, but also an avid believer in HAARP being able to control minds and obliterate objects without leaving any trace.[7] Begich also regularly posts videos explaining his views on conspiracies, mostly concerned with HAARP activities. The other believer in the HAARP conspiracy is the author of Weather Warfare, Jerry Smith. Smith focuses most of his attention on the general side of weather manipulation, but mentions HAARP specifically as something capable of causing changes in weather. The combination of outspoken proponents, recent natural disasters, and the secrecy behind HAARP actions, allows the conspiracy to thrive.

Pop Culture

Mathew Bellamy, singer in the popular rock band Muse, is a strong believer in conspiracies, including the HAARP conspiracy. Of the conspiracy Bellamy says " the government are saying it’s for communications with submarines and their own spacecraft, but scientists have said that they’re really trying to tap into the ionosphere, where a lot of weather stuff takes place." [11] Using the play on words with the instrument and the belief in political conspiracies, the group's live CD-DVD is entitled HAARP.


The claims that HAARP can control the weather are constantly scrutinized because many scientists claim that HAARP is not capable of this feat. On the HAARP website, it states that "frequency ranges that will be used by HAARP is subject to negligible absorption in either the troposphere or the stratosphere--the two levels of the atmosphere that produce the earth's weather". [1] The fact that HAARP does not affect the two regions accountable for the origin of weather patterns instantly invalidates the conspiracy. Another fact against the conspiracy is that once the rumors started claiming that HAARP could be a weapon of mass destruction, HAARP held an open house for any visitors interested in seeing what equipment they are using and what kind of research they are conducting. Nothing suspicious or malicious was found in this open house and the HAARP facility was therefore considered safe. [12]


In the official document describing the uses of HAARP, it mentions that ELF waves are known to cause lightning strokes in the ionosphere that, if controlled, can eliminate radiation particles and allow for satellites to safely fly through an area. In the same document it says that another goal of HAARP besides ionosphere research is to find out how to communicate with submerged crafts effectively. [13] HAARP may also be a defense mechanism working on finding out how to rebuild the atmosphere or protect the country from outside attacks. [2] The fact that HAARP is not focusing its energy on parts of the atmosphere that effect weather definitively closes that portion of the conspiracy. While there is really no proof if someone has been under mind control or not, this portion of the conspiracy had no evidence to back itself up, it must be concluded as false also. In the example that Dr. Begich uses on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura to defend his belief in mind control, he does show that a person can hear sound waves without using their ears, but he never actually defends that a person can be controlled with this technology.[7] He does not give any example of when HAARP has used mind control or even how it could be capable of doing it. In this same TV appearance, Begich backs up his claim that HAARP can control the weather by stating that Air Force documents report that a potential application for HAARP is weather modification. The screen shows the front of a military document about HAARP and then shows another page that displays weather modification as a potential application of HAARP. However, by examining the actual document that he references as the front page of the document, the proceeding page about weather modification is not even in the document. [13] Begich tries to pass off something that is not true as a fact to make his argument credible, and by doing so, makes his argument a matter of belief instead of facts. The roots of the HAARP conspiracy lie in unsupported facts giving the conspiracy no credibility.

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